Industry Tips from a OU PRSSA Graduate

By Meg Bradley, OU PRSSA PR Chair

Our Sept. 27 general meeting speaker, Kate Brennen

Our Sept. 27 general meeting speaker, Kate Brennen

If you missed our Sept. 27 general meeting, here are four things you should know from our guest speaker Kate Brannen. Kate is the Managing Associate at Hill Impact, a communications and government relations firm in Washington D.C.. She is a recent graduate of Gaylord College. Here are four tips she gave our PRSSA members about navigating social media, moving away from home and networking. 

1. Standing out on social media 

Follow the people who influence you in the industry on social media. Also be sure to characterize yourself and show your personality when posting on social media. This is a good way to help you stand out. 

2. Networking in a big city

When networking in a big city, remember to throw yourself in as many uncomfortable situations as you can. This allows you to get involved outside of work with activities and organizations that interest you so you can discover like-minded people. This is where you learn and grow! Kate did this by joining a kickball league in Washington D.C.

3. Applying for jobs out of state 

It is important to reflect anything you are passionate about on your resume. This is especially advantageous when applying out of state. If you are eyeing a job somewhere far away from home, go ahead and apply for it. Who knows, it may be your dream job! 

4. Moving away for a job

Kate's big tip for students moving away from home for their first job is this: if you are sheltered in your own little bubble, then it might be time to bust out and experience something new. What great advice! 

Join us at our next general meeting to hear from another great speaker and to learn more about the industry. 

This is the first post of a series highlighting our awesome guest speakers. So stay tuned for more to come!