Guest Speaker: Chloe Cumbie and Kylie Kallsen


by Sahra Somani

This week at our OU PRSSA meeting we had the wonderful Chloe Cumbie and Kylie Kallsen talk to us about BigWing in downtown Oklahoma City. They chose to discuss the various clients that BigWing has and define how the company helps benefit them. Cumbie and Kallsen also spent time discussing their work environment and why BigWIng would be wonderful place to work at for any senior or even junior at Gaylord College. This stands for both internships and future careers.

BigWing happens to be the biggest digital media marketing firm and is one of the largest agency in the state and is owned by the Oklahoma Media Company. Cumbie and Kallsen mentioned that their company focuses on their client’s online presence. They drive traffic towards their client’s online platforms and anticipate gaining numerous benefits from it. They have been awarded Google partner and are also known as one of the top five digital agencies in North America for the 2016 year.

BigWing does most of their work by a method that they like to call content marketing. They take the content from what the client is willing to portray and go forward with that on various online formats. This is the majority of what their job entails. They have numerous clients that they work with daily that allow for them to have a large amount of variety with their work. The number of clients that they tend to work with begins with a few and then continues to increase depending on their capabilities of what each worker can handle. They even mentioned that the people at the company tend to rely on each other’s strong suits so that they can gain knowledge from them and increase their own expertise. The agency works as a team and keeps from competing with each other relying instead on building one another up.

Cumbie and Kallsen then went on to discuss the various forms of content that they produce as a company and what forms of content they have worked on individually. Typically, in their work environment they tend to create content that differentiates their clients from their competitors as well as allows them to take the next step to five their business to the client. They also mentioned that not only are content marketers creators but they are also researchers. It is their job to determine how they are going to disseminate the created content and spread it to others.

Next, we were informed on the methods that we learn that the company uses in the workplace. Cumbie and Kallsen stated that not only is SEO research used, but client specific goals are applied to focus and fine tune the content to fit their personal client’s needs. They tend to use traditional PR in content marketing through press releases, media relations, community outreach and crisis management skills. They also mentioned that writing is the basis of most of their media through social media and press releases and that it is something we, as college students, should work towards perfecting. A proficiency in social media was also mentioned as beneficial due to social media’s current standing as a legitimate way to contact and connect or network with people. The world is now becoming immensely social media based in how we communicate. They listed various examples to highlight this as well such as influencers, engaging with audiences through online surveys and polls and even communicating to various consumers though these social media platforms.

We feel so lucky to have had two incredibly successful OU Alums be able to join us for this week’s PRSSA meeting. They not only educated us on how an agency functions, but also passed on some knowledge on what skills helped them to prosper. We gained so much wonderful wisdom from them and we cannot thank them enough for taking out the time to come and mentor us as a group! Thank you so much to Chloe and Kylie! OU PRSSA is immensely grateful to have you to guide our members and wish you two much success in your future endeavors!