Guest Speaker: Savannah Jung


Our first guest speaker, Savannah Jung, recently graduated from OU and is now working for Saxum in Houston. She took some time out of her evening to chat with our chapter about the importance of networking and gave us lots of tips that will benefit us in the professional world. 

Savannah is a member of the PRSA Houston chapter as well as the Houston Young Professional group. She is involved in these groups because she knows for a fact that networking never stop. You should continue to join groups after you graduate. 

One point she made about PRSSA is "you get out what you put into PRSSA." You should take everything you do a step further and keep getting involved in as much as possible. Our PRSSA chapter gives you tons of opportunities to get involved so take those opportunities and you'll get way more out of the organization than just showing up for meetings. 

Here are some other tips that will benefit you in your professional work:

  1. Always do your research. You should research companies you are going to talk to as well as the specific people. If you are going to a luncheon, research the people that are going so you know a little bit about them. You don't want to go into anything blind. 
  2. Make business cards and always keep them on you. It is important to have something to give to people you meet so they remember you and have your information. You don't want to meet someone who may give you an internship and have no way to give them your contact information. 
  3. Look at an interview as a dialogue instead of an interview. This will calm your nerves a little and let you be able to act like yourself.
  4. Follow up after an interview. This way the interviewer will be reminded of you and you can thank them for the opportunity. 

Savannah's favorite class in Gaylord was Crisis Communications because she thought it was cool to learn how to handle the worst case scenarios in the agency world. She said this class is beneficial even if you aren't interested in working specifically with crises because crises can happen in any industry. This class will help prepare you for the chaos. Savannah specifically said "agency life is controlled chaos." 

We have really appreciated having Savannah speak at our meeting and give us insight on the professional working world! 

If you would like to connect with Savannah Jung, email her at and connect with her on LinkedIn.