Madison Tucker Speaks About Her Journey With PR


by Alyssa Danley

Small business owner Madison Tucker began her student career at OU as a ballet performance major before finding her way to Gaylord. After an injury at the end of her freshman year forced her to alter her lifestyle, she searched for another major that she could be passionate about. What she found was Public Relations.

Starting later than usual in the Gaylord game, Madison was forced to take on a heavier workload. This did not stop her from signing up for almost every opportunity in Gaylord, including participating in PRSSA and Lindsey + Asp.

After graduating in 2014, Madison landed a job as a customer success manager at an oil and gas technology company. She knew nothing about oil and gas, and the position had nothing to do with PR.

However, she views her experience at this company as a valuable opportunity in which she learned many life and work skills that she could continue to apply in future careers. That is what she did and continues to do so.

Her next job was at a Pinterest and Instagram marketing platform. It was during her time here that she realized she wanted to start her own business.

After briefly returning to the realm of oil and gas to do admin work at a firm, she launched her small business named Optimal Life Space. Her company focuses on helping businesses and people organize and declutter their life spaces at work, home and elsewhere.

She explains how she never envisioned having her own business and did not know what all it entailed when she started.

“It’s definitely been a crazy ride,” said Madison.

While her career may be centered around organization, her daily schedule is not. She describes her work days as “unorganized,” “off-the-cuff” and as a daily attempt at “figuring out how to run a small business.”

“My title never included ‘PR’. I’ve never worked at an agency, but every single thing I do every day requires PR," said Madison. As a result of running a small business, Madison has to tackle a wide range of tasks, including networking, marketing, creating and scheduling social content, accounting, bookkeeping and more.

Madison emphasizes the value of social media and learning how to communicate with people on different platforms. She explains how she is constantly working on using social media to connect with her audience, sell her services and create a broader brand moving forward.

Madison attributes her career success to the information she learned during her time at Gaylord. “OU introduced the topics, and I have been able to practice those," she said.

The tips that have proven beneficial to Madison’s success are: “Don’t apply for positions solely online,” and “say yes to every opportunity.” She suggests that all current Gaylord students and job seekers adhere to these guidelines to get the most out of their journey in the world of journalism and mass communication.

“You need to be passionate about what you’re doing. You’re signing up for a long period of time, so you need to like it just as much as they like you.”

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If you are interested in running a small business or have questions about what life is like as a PR major, Madison is open to talking with you. You can contact her at