Former National Committee Members Return to Speak to PRSSA

This week two OU Gaylord Alumni, Dea Pennington (7 Eleven Corporate Communications Manager) and Joshua Lachica (Candor Digital Media Coordinator), spoke to the chapter about their experience of being on PRSSA’s National Committee.

Dea Pennington graduated from OU almost four years ago and was the VP of professional development for PRSSA National Committee. Currently, Dea is a manager at 7 Eleven corporate in Dallas and claims her day to day work is different every day. She listed her top 5 major things she thought of when she thinks back to PRSSA National Committee that is listed below:

  1. When she was running, she felt she wasn’t qualified. She emphasized how great Gaylord is and how we are all qualified because she believes OU is the cream of the crop for Public Relations. 

  2. The election process is not a popularity contest; they elect people based on the speech you give. She was intimated by the platform of where she would have to speak because public speaking wasn’t a strong thing for her at the time. She believes this is an important skill to work on during your undergrad because it is needed every day in the working world and was grateful she got the practice of speaking through PRSSA. 

  3. She was grateful that she joined PRSSA National Committee because it opened up many job opportunities for her and even got her the job she has today. 

  4. PRSSA National Committee was a tremendous networking opportunity.

Joshua Lachica, digital media coordinator at Candor PR, graduated from OU in 2017. He went through Linsey+Asp and joined the PRSSA National Committee in 2016 where he served as Vice President of Public Relations. His primary responsibility in this position was social media, which is a skill he continues to do at Candor now. He discussed how although it felt like a part-time job, it was the most fulfilling membership he had in college. Joshua emphasized the relationships he built with this tight group of people and how they all became his life long friends. He stated, “if you are the dumbest person in the room, you are definitely in the right place.” Joshua felt this exact way as he saw his peers’ work ethics and ideas. Feeling this way inspired him to work harder. He believes overall he’s become a better person in the working world because of them. 

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Written by: Elizabeth Clarke, Social Media Committee