CCO and Founder of bread & Butter PR, Meredith Vachon, Speaks to OU PRSSA

OU PRSSA Alumni, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer of bread & Butter Public Relations, Meredith Vachon, came to speak to the chapter last week. She spoke to the chapter about how she ended up in the successful place she is now and what it took to become a Co-Founder of the amazing bread & Butter company. She was extremely passionate and our members loved hearing all the wisdom she had to offer.

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Meredith started off by telling the chapter a little about how she came to be in the position she is now, which included waiting tables in Los Angeles to make ends meet. While trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life, a man happened to ask her about her life story. This ended up landing her a position in what she loved most, Restaurant Public Relations, where she also happened to meet her best friend. Flash forward of a couple of years, Meredith and her best friend decided to collaborate and create bread and Butter PR, which now has twelve offices spanning the country.

Bread and Butter PR does Public Relations, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Hotel and Travel, Digital Marketing and Creative. Meredith explained bread and Butter as being hands-on and emphasized the importance of keeping personal relationships with their clients. She shared some of the core values of bread and Butter PR some of which included: Always say yes, be honest, and trust your heart…it knows best. Meredith also offered the chapter some advice below.

Be optimistic, say yes to everything, we will figure it out. Not just in work, but life in general.
— Meredith Vachon

Written by: Chelsea Black

Edited by: Makenzi Smith