OU PRSSA Hears from Director of Diversity Enrichment Programs, Dorion Billups


Our PRSSA chapter had the pleasure of hearing from OU’s very own, Dorion Billups. Dorion is the Director of Diversity Enrichment Programs here at the University of Oklahoma. He graduated from the Gaylord College in 2013 with a journalism degree and has worked for Gaylord’s Diversity Enrichment Program for over three years. His job consists of working with a team of individuals around the university creating strategies to build a diverse environment on campus.

The University of Oklahoma’s Diversity Enrichment Program strives to expand diversity at OU through strategies and programs held on campus. Their goal is to make OU a diverse community that welcomes all people into classrooms and extracurricular activities.

Due to the racial issues involving the university, the need for unity in the student body has risen and the necessity of the Diversity Enrichment Programs increased. He spoke of different situations the Diversity Enrichment Programs has dealt during his career at the university. Billups emphasized the importance of diversity in a community. Diversity should not be ignored but rather celebrated because it brings different perspectives and ideas to the table in a classroom or workplace. It is not an easy process, however it is a process of continuously being intentional with one another.

To move forward it is our duty to be present, supportive, inclusive and intentional with one another. In a PR perspective, Billups key takeaway is to always be listening and reading. We must work on empathizing and understanding with one another. It is up to us to encourage diversity in the classroom and workplace through body language, conversation and questions.

You can keep up with Dorion and his successes on Twitter @DorionBillups

Written by: Natalie Blakley; DIgital Content Committee

Edited by: Makenzi Smith; Digital Coordinator