Taylor Ketchum - From Internship to Leadership

Last Tuesday, at our second meeting of the year, OU PRSSA welcomed Vice President of Jones PR, Taylor Ketchum to speak to our chapter!

Taylor Ketchum, VP of Jones PR

Taylor Ketchum, VP of Jones PR

Taylor first started her career in PR as an intern at...you guessed it, Jones PR! She’s worked her way up to becoming the Vice President of her agency and now serves on the Board of Directors for PRSA - OKC (Which she highly encourages students emerging in the professional world to be apart of). Following her success as an intern, Taylor has become accustomed to hiring on interns at Jones PR. She gave our chapter some tips and best practices when it comes to being a good intern and overall worker in the professional world.

As we all know, it can be hard to stand out in a sea of interns, so how can you fix this? Taylor gave us three pieces of advice that she used to gain her success at Jones PR:

  1. Always be willing to help (especially with technical problems and social media questions)

    • As a part of Generation Z, we are more accustomed to using technology, especially when it comes to social media, so never be afraid to speak up and put your knowledge to good use!

  2. When it’s appropriate, do a “show and tell”

    • Do you have a new and better way to improve a system that you or your colleagues are using? Show your boss that you’re an expert on this new skill/tool and show them why they should implement it!

  3. Make your boss’s day better (even small tasks help!)

    • Find a daily or weekly task that your boss has been doing for numerous years and ask if you can assist or take over! Be the person your boss can’t live without!

“Grow the company, improve the culture”

Taylor worked her way from being an intern in college, to being the Vice President at Jones PR. How did she do it? She created a seat for herself at the table and encourages you to do the same at your internship/job:

  1. Don’t rush to the table!

    • Get your thoughts, notes and plan of action in place. Come prepared to fight push back from every angle!

  2. Make it clear on how your “idea” will positively impact the bottom line of your company

“If you are not at the table, you are on the menu!” 

Ever wondered what you can do to land that dream internship of yours? Taylor had two tips for us, that she still lives by today:

  1. Never think you’re too good to do the dishes!

    • Always look around and assist others, especially those who are “newer”

  2. If you are fearful of going after what you want...do it afraid!

    • Try an industry that you love and dream about working in and go for any opportunity that you find!