An Open Letter from OU PRSSA

To the OU family -

The statue by Tom Otterness sits outside of Gaylord College. ( OU Daily, 2018 )

The statue by Tom Otterness sits outside of Gaylord College. (OU Daily, 2018)

We, members of the Stewart Harrel Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America in Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma, wish to register our disapproval of the installation of Tom Otterness’ ‘Covered Wagon’ statue, a donation by William Obering, located on the front lawn of Gaylord College. As young public relations professionals, we are taught that transparency is critical to an organization’s reputation and are particularly concerned about the lack of transparency which preceded the installment of the statue, as well as what we have come to learn about the artist’s past.

As one of the nation’s top journalism and mass communications programs, we are very proud of our public image and the successful recruitment efforts which have contributed to our success. We believe the statue and its placement outside Gaylord Hall will negatively impact the image of our college, our recruiting efforts and potential donor and alumni support. Most of all, we want to express our solidarity with members of the OU community who feel disrespected by the statue’s reference to Oklahoma’s colonialist past, as well as the artist’s mistreatment of animals.

Art is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of our campus. We also know that beauty often lies in the eye of the beholder. However, we are confident that this statue has not and will not be viewed in a positive light nor will it enhance our campus community.


The Public Relations Student Society of America

Steward Harrel Chapter at the University of Oklahoma


Gaylord Ambassadors

Lindsey + Asp Agency

National Association of Black Journalists, OU Chapter

National Association of Hispanic Journalists, OU Chapter

Society of Professional Journalists, OU Chapter

5 Reasons to Attend Top Jobs this Year

Check out this amazing and colorful poster our friends in Lindsey + Asp designed!

Check out this amazing and colorful poster our friends in Lindsey + Asp designed!

By Meg Bradley, PR Chair

Top Jobs is this weekend! So get excited because this time next week you could have a internship or job lined up if you play your cards right. 

If you are still unsure about attending Top Jobs this year here are 5 reasons to register today. 

1. Endless networking opportunities

First of all, attending Top Jobs regardless if you are a freshman or a senior, gives you a competitive advantage over other students who did not attend. Lindsey + Asp brings in representatives from top public relations, advertising, media and digital agencies from across the nation to meet with you! You can sign up for one-on-one interviews and attend break-out sessions with employers you are interested in. Even if you aren't currently seeking a job or internship you will have the chance to build your professional network and hopefully make a meaningful connection that could open more opportunities for you in the future. 

2. Polish your interviewing skills

You will have numerous opportunities to practice and perfect your interviewing skills at Top Jobs. Whether you schedule one-on-one interviews with representatives or ask questions at informational break-out session you will be polishing your communication skills that will be key to landing your dream job. 

3. Build your professional portfolio

Having a well-rounded and professional portfolio (whether digital or physical) is an asset in the media industry. A portfolio will help set you apart from the competition when you are applying for internships or jobs. Top Jobs gives you a platform to showcase your portfolio to representatives. So get those creative juices flowing and design a amazing portfolio that reflects your personal brand. 

4. Learn more about industry trends and companies

With a diversity of employers attending Top Jobs this year you are sure to have options. There are 20+ agencies attending. Take the opportunity to explore different sectors of the media industry and maybe you will find your perfect fit. 

5. And finally fingers crossed you will make a connection and land your dream internship or job

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gif source: 

Go register for Top Jobs today. It will be well worth the investment. 

Here is the registration link if you are interested: (you will need to copy and paste the link, sorry)